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Depression & Marital/Relational Distress – Part 2

How to Respond (To read Part 1 click here) Define the Problem A favorite professor of mine used to be fond of saying that “the solution was never found to the problem that was never defined.” The problem must be accurately identified. In so doing, it is important to keep… [Continue Reading »]

Depression & Marital/Relational Distress – Part 1

In this article, I am departing from the usual method of presenting psychological information and then leaving the reader to imagine how it applies. This time, I will present “experience-near” case data(part 1), first, and then discuss the psychological issues(part 2), second, and for very good reason. In my practice,… [Continue Reading »]

Are You at Risk of Depression?

“Depression” is commonly used to describe a mood or emotion, and, more technically, a symptom of a syndrome or psychological disorder. The joyless sadness of depression hardly needs description, so common is its part in the human condition. Only its duration separates the mood from the symptom. When a feeling… [Continue Reading »]