Dr. Crowhurst



By law, anything you talk about in  therapy  with a psychologist  is private. Dr. Crowhurst is required to keep everything you say in the strictest confidence and cannot share it with anyone else without your permission.

We welcome you to take a look at our  psychological evaluation page, many times these evaluations make highly valuable contributions to evaluating psychological conditions.

There are exceptions to this rule, including:

• When a client is in immediate danger of self-harm.
• If a client poses a danger to others.

These are extreme situations that arise very rarely.

Dr. Crowhurst treats the protection of your privacy as a significant ethical and legal responsibility. He also views confidentiality as a very important part of the ongoing  psychotherapy process. Your confident belief in the privacy of everything you share during therapy sessions will foster the sense of mutual trust that is so important to Dr. Crowhurst’s therapeutic approach. With trust established:

• You will feel comfortable in sharing your feelings and ideas.
• You will become an active participant in your personal therapeutic journey to wellness.

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