Free yourself from Low Self-Esteem or Inadequacy

Low Self-Esteem or InadequacyWe all have days where we feel a bit disappointed in ourselves – that’s natural. But if you find that from day-to-day you experience strong feelings of hatred and disgust toward yourself, there’s a chance that you have low self-esteem.

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If you suffer from low self-esteem you are likely to experience a number of painful emotions. From worry, to self-doubt and negativity, feelings of low self-worth have a widespread impact on your life:

  • You avoid social situations.
  • You don’t like to express your opinions.
  • You feel unable to take initiative and make decisions.
  • You don’t take advantage of opportunities that come along because you don’t think you deserve them or can handle them.
  • You suffer from “imposter syndrome”, feeling like you’re a fraud and undeserving of the good things in your life.

Another painful consequence of low self-esteem, involves how others treat you. If you express negative statements about your abilities and worthiness as a person, people around you will treat you accordingly – but this may validate your negative feelings, beginning a painful cycle. You can break free from this cycle – and Dr. Crowhurst can help you do it!

Making use of his extensive experience, Dr. Crowhurst will help you to achieve a positive self-view. Through therapy sessions involving honest conversations, based on trust and acceptance, Dr. Crowhurst will:

  • Help you let go of any negative messages you may be holding onto that were given to you in childhood by parents, teachers or peers, so that you can move on.
  • Help you understand why your mind focuses on negative messages instead of positive ones and why you may misinterpret positive messages.
  • Aid you in changing “that little voice in your head” from negative to positive.

To escape the cycle of low self-esteem, contact Dr. Crowhurst to schedule a therapy session.