Depression Help Calgary

If you suffer from depression, therapy sessions with Dr. Crowhurst can help you enjoy life again.

Are You at Risk of DepressionPerhaps you haven’t really been feeling like yourself lately – no matter how hard you try, you just don’t feel happy, even when good things happen to you. If this describes you, there’s a chance you might be depressed. Take a look at this list – do any of these statements describe how you feel?

  • I feel sad and it’s been going on for weeks, months or even longer.
  • The activities that I enjoy doing no longer bring me any happiness.
  • I feel hopeless about my life and my future.
  • I have difficulty sleeping. Or, I just can’t seem to get out of bed most days.
  • I feel worthless.

These are some of the most common symptoms of depression. If these statements describe how you feel, it is likely that you are suffering from depression.

We welcome you to take a look at our psychological evaluation page, many times these evaluations make highly valuable contributions to evaluating psychological conditions.

These feelings may make you feel like you’re alone and different from your friends and colleagues. In fact, depression has been called “the common cold” of mental health because it truly does affect thousands of people. The good news is that unlike a cold, depression is not something you have to suffer through, waiting to get better on your own – with treatment you can begin feeling like yourself again and Dr. Crowhurst can help.

Dr. Crowhurst has extensive experience in guiding people through the journey from depression to happy healthiness. You will find that Dr. Crowhurst is committed to making this journey through therapy sessions that:

  • Respect your values
  • Involve mutual trust
  • Are comfortable and conversational, where your input is encouraged
  • Are motivational and insightful

Using a combination of contemporary and traditional methods, Dr. Crowhurst will move you beyond your feelings of despair to recognize, understand and eventually move past the self-destructive and self-critical thoughts that are causing your depression – so that you can recapture your happiness and feel like yourself again.

For more information about depression and to schedule a therapy session, please contact Dr. Crowhurst.