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We’ve all experienced feelings of anxiousness before an important test or when making a speech in front of a large group – the feeling of butterflies in your stomach, sweating and nervousness. But what if you get these feelings when you’re not preparing for or experiencing an important event? This could be a sign that you suffer from an anxiety disorder.

We welcome you to take a look at our  psychological evaluation  page, many times these evaluations make highly valuable contributions to evaluating psychological conditions.

Anxiety disorders involve your body having a “flight or fight” response when there is no real threat or responding with an intensity that is out of proportion to what is happening. Symptoms of anxiety include: 

If you have an anxiety disorder you may feel trapped, never knowing when panic will hit and this can have a serious impact on your lifestyle. Luckily, there are treatments for anxiety.

Dr. Crowhurst has the knowledge and experience to free you from your anxiety. Through therapy sessions that involve both contemporary and traditional methods, Dr. Crowhurst will: 

Dr. Crowhurst is experienced in treating: 

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