Anxiety: Triggers, Traps and Techniques

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Anxiety is a feeling of worry, uneasiness and nervousness that is unpleasant, but an ordinary part of normal experience when we’re faced with uncertainty. Anxiety can also be much more severe, when it is a symptom of an anxiety disorder, such as a phobia (i.e., an irrational fear, and avoidance… [Continue Reading »]

Anxiety Disorders In-Depth

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In an earlier blog article, I discussed the nature of anxiety, presenting some basic information as introductory background for this article about specific anxiety disorders. Before discussing the specific anxiety disorders, it should first be understood that the way anxiety symptoms are experienced differs, falling into three general patterns. Unfocussed… [Continue Reading »]

Understanding Anxiety

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“Anxiety” derives from the Latin “anxietatem” and “anxious,” referring to a concerned, uneasy, troubled or anguished state of mind. Its contemporary, non-technical meaning is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or uneasiness, usually regarding some matter with an uncertain outcome, or in anticipation of an upcoming event. In the field of… [Continue Reading »]

Depression & Marital/Relational Distress – Part 2

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How to Respond (To read Part 1 click here) Define the Problem A favorite professor of mine used to be fond of saying that “the solution was never found to the problem that was never defined.” The problem must be accurately identified. In so doing, it is important to keep… [Continue Reading »]

Depression & Marital/Relational Distress – Part 1

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In this article, I am departing from the usual method of presenting psychological information and then leaving the reader to imagine how it applies. This time, I will present “experience-near” case data(part 1), first, and then discuss the psychological issues(part 2), second, and for very good reason. In my practice,… [Continue Reading »]

Public vs. Private Psychological Services

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I am a Psychologist who, for the last 14 years, has been working both in the Canadian public health care system as well as the private fee-for-service sector. My roles within these very different systems have given me some perspective to better understand a subject that is important but confusing… [Continue Reading »]

Are You at Risk of Depression?

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“Depression” is commonly used to describe a mood or emotion, and, more technically, a symptom of a syndrome or psychological disorder. The joyless sadness of depression hardly needs description, so common is its part in the human condition. Only its duration separates the mood from the symptom. When a feeling… [Continue Reading »]

What’s the difference between psychology and psychiatry? And why you should care.

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The first and most common question people ask me, as a psychologist, is “what’s the difference between psychology and psychiatry?” Every psychologist hears this question. Psychologists can be put out by it, but this a very fair question—especially since people don’t know what we do and how it differs from… [Continue Reading »]

Psychology & Me

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Psychology 101. “Psychology is defined as the scientific study of behavior.”  My formal training in Psychology began with that disappointing statement. While it’s a practical, if narrow definition of the field, its impact was positively de-inspirational. Happily, Psychology is more than this limited vision. It aspires to understand not just… [Continue Reading »]