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Dr. Brenton Crowhurst

Psychologist / Psychotherapist with education and experience you can trust!

Dr. Brenton Crowhurst is a psychologist and psychotherapist based in Calgary, Alberta. He brings to his practice a combination of extensive education and vast knowledge and experience.

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Education and Training in Psychology Dr. Brenton Crowhurst’s formal academic training includes:

  • Bachelor of Arts, First Class with Honors from Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC
  • Master’s of Science in Clinical Psychology from St. Mary’s University, Halifax, NS
  • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Calgary, including an
  • Accredited Internship at the Calgary District Hospital Group

In addition to this formal training, he undertook further specialized post-doctoral training and supervision in psychoanalytic or “psychodynamic” psychotherapy with the Western Branch of the Canadian Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Society in Vancouver, B.C.

Professional Associations and Affiliations

Dr. Brenton Crowhurst is a:

Professional Experience

Dr. Crowhurst has been in full-time practice in Calgary since 1996, working in a variety of settings including hospital psychiatric, adolescent residential, community counselling, and private psychology practice.

In his on-going hospital role, since 1998, he conducts diagnostic and personality assessments as well as treatment planning for hospitalized psychiatric patients. Additionally, he provides consultation to psychiatric and other medical staff and has a long history of supervising advanced psychology students and interns completing their doctoral clinical training.

In his private practice, since 2001, he has specialized in using insight-oriented (psychodynamic) psychotherapy with the full range of problems and diagnostic issues one encounters in an out-patient psychotherapy setting. He also provides diagnostic and personality assessment, with special emphasis on projective assessment. Dr. Crowhurst is considered Calgary’s foremost expert in the Rorschach Inkblot Method of assessment.

While Dr. Crowhurst enjoys helping people from diverse walks of life, he has felt it a particular privilege to have often been called upon by members of his own professional community when personal therapy has been needed.

In addition to individual psychotherapy and assessment, Dr. Crowhurst also consults with other psychologists on cases and professional issues, and supervises psychology candidates completing their final supervised practice requirements for professional registration.

Actively contributing to his field, Dr. Crowhurst has authored and co-authored several papers appearing in professional journals and edited books, and has given a number of papers at national and international professional conferences.